About Us

The Beginning of a Dream that lead to a Destiny!
DBALLA started with an imagination of a young man whom envision  a familyl of Accomplished Academic Athletics. Each one masters of their sport. The last name of that family is BALLA. Each offspring would have names that start with "D"
  • Demetrius Balla - Basketball
  • Deon Balla - Football
  •  Darius Balla - Baseball
  • Demetria Balla - Tennis
  • Daphne Balla - Soccer
  • Diana Balla - Volleyball
  • and Domino Balla - Golf.
BALLA means B- Best   ALLA- To Go UP and D - Designed the offsprings. thus DBALLA.
We are an Athletic Gear Company. Our mission is to provide products that are both good for the human body and less stressful to the earthly environment, It is our intend to offer products that are mostly sustainable or Eco-friendly.
We process orders on a create on demand basis, this means that your order is constructed once you purchase it. The order process we use is in-line with our goal to be eco-friendly or sustainable minded company. We are minority and veteran owned. We were established in 2016.